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Advanced Search Features Page With GoldFynch's Advanced Search feature you can build complex search queries with multiple search parameters, quickly search through the contents and metada...
Search for files in productions Page Search for files in productions by their Bates number
Search for dates Page Find files associated with a particular date or date range. GoldFynch searches the file's text as well as its metadata.
Search by email metadata fields Page Find emails with specific recipients, senders, or subjects.
Search for file names Page Find files by searching for their file names
Search for file types Page Search for specific file extensions or MIME types
Primary dates and Ingestion dates Page Learn more about primary and ingestion dates and how they are used across the platform
Search your files Page Use GoldFynch's advanced search engine to find the files and excerpts you want. Search for keywords, dates, email tags, file types, and across many other par...
Search for keywords Page Find all documents and emails matching your keyword - within a second!
Slop Search Feature Page Searching your eDiscovery files for a specific phrase is tricky. GoldFynch's 'sloppy search' feature lets you loosen (and broaden) your search to get better ...
View your files Page Scroll through your file list, open the files you want to explore, and move quickly from file to file.