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Case Overview Page What is a case? A ‘case’ is a virtual storage container for all your project’s files. You can create as many cases as you want and they’ll each appear as folders on your GoldFynch dashboard. Case Types GoldFynch provides multiple case sizes to suit your needs. ...
Upload Files Page A guide to uploading files to GoldFynch.
How to change a case's size Page Any case can be upgraded to accommodate a larger (or smaller) file volume.
How to create a case Page Creating a case just takes 3 quick steps.
How to manage payment for cases Page Adding, removing and managing payment options on GoldFynch is simple and fast.
How to share a case and change user roles Page Cases can be shared with any number of collaborators, giving them varying levels of permissions for editing case-related data
Getting started Page GoldFynch is powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. Find out how to begin using GoldFynch.
Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication Page How to set up multi-factor authentication for your GoldFynch account
Creating a GoldFynch Account Page Brief instructions for creating a free GoldFynch account.
The Official GoldFynch Manual Page Welcome to the official GoldFynch manual!