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Case Overview Page What is a case? A ‘case’ is a virtual storage container for all your project’s files. You can create as many cases as you want and they’ll each appear as folders on your GoldFynch dashboard. Case Types GoldFynch provides multiple case sizes to suit your needs. ...
Deleting Files in your GoldFynch Case Page This article shows you how to delete files and folders in a GoldFynch case
How to change a case's size Page Any case can be upgraded to accommodate a larger (or smaller) file volume.
How to create a case Page Creating a case just takes 3 quick steps.
How to delete a case Page If required, here are the steps to deleting your case
How to generate reports Page GoldFynch lets you export various types of file lists from your case in a number of different formats
How to manage payment for cases Page Adding, removing and managing payment options on GoldFynch is simple and fast.
How to share a case and change user roles Page Cases can be shared with any number of collaborators, giving them varying levels of permissions for editing case-related data
Moving Files and Folders in Your GoldFynch case Page This article shows you how to move files and folders in a GoldFynch case
Primary dates and Ingestion dates Page Learn more about primary and ingestion dates and how they are used across the platform
Production sharing Page You can now share a production zip file generated in GoldFynch directly from the production interface by generating a shareable link.