GoldFynch hides material you label privileged or confidential. It won't show up when you produce your files.

Redact information

GoldFynch gives you the ability to remove sensitive information from documents using the redaction tool.

Text and images you redact will be blacked-out and unrecoverable in the final produced document (i.e., the document you give to opposing counsel). However, in your original file, the text will be visible and fully searchable.

How to redact information:

Go to the ‘Doc View’ in the left pane

Document view

2. Click redaction button

Click the Start Redacting button on the right side panel (while in document view).

Start Redacting

3. Define redaction regions

Draw a box around the text you want to redact. Your box will stay translucent while you review the file and will turn opaque when you produce the file.

Creating redaction regions

Video Guide