Any case can be upgraded to accommodate a larger (or smaller) file volume.

Here’s how to quickly and easily change case sizes.

1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ view

  • Open the case whose plan you wish to change and go to the ‘Sharing’ view by clicking on the button in the left pane

Settings view

2. Click on the Change Case Plan tab

Add a payment method if needed

  • If GoldFynch informs you that you don’t have a payment method set up (as in the above image) click on the Setup a Payment Method button
  • Click on the Add a payment method button

Add a payment method

  • Enter your credit card details
  • Click on the Save payment method button

Enter your credit card details and click save payment method button

  • Return to the Change Case Plan tab

3. Choose a plan

  • Choose a new case plan from the drop-down list

Choose new case plan

  • Click on the Change Plan button

Confirmation case plan has been changed

Click here to find out about the other ways of setting up payment methods