This article shows you how to delete files and folders in a GoldFynch case

If you need to delete files or folders in your GoldFynch case, follow these steps. Note that users at the ‘Reviewer’ permission level are not able to delete files.

Step 1. Click on the Files view button in the left pane and navigate to the location of the files or folders you wish to delete.

Step 2. Select the files and/or folders to be deleted:

  • To select individual files or folders: check the checkboxes next to their names. Note that you can make multiple selections
  • To select all files and folders in the current folder: check the checkbox next to the ‘Name’ heading.
Go to the Files view and select files to delete

Step 3. Click on the Delete button in the ‘Actions’ menu that appears on the right.

Confirm the deletion
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