What is a case?

A ‘case’ is a virtual storage container for all your project’s files. You can create as many cases as you want and they’ll each appear as folders on your GoldFynch dashboard.

Case Types

GoldFynch provides multiple case sizes to suit your needs.

Size Price/Month Price/GB
512 MB Free -
1 GB $10.00 $10.00
3 GB $25.00 $8.33
5 GB $35.00 $7.00
10 GB $70.00 $7
15 GB $100.00 $6.66
25 GB $165.00 $6.60
50 GB $315.00 $6.30
75 GB $465.00 $6.20
100 GB $600.00 $6.00
150 GB $825.00 $5.50

For detailed case and pricing information, check our GoldFynch Pricing page. For a guide on how to pay for your cases and manage your billing details, refer to the documentation link below.


All premium (paid) cases have the following features

  1. Ability to produce documents
  2. Ability to share access with other users
  3. Premium processing
  4. Prioritized support

Free cases also allow productions and can be shared, however produced documents are stamped with a “Produced with GoldFynch” stamp.


All cases can be upgraded to accommodate a larger file volume. To create premium cases, you’ll need to enter payment information first. GoldFynch will alert you when your case exceeds its size limits, so choose a smaller case size when in doubt. Read more about changing case plans from the documentation link below.

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